Traveling blog: I am learning from you

Many of the bloggers that follow me and I follow in return are doing amazing job and I admire them. I am overwhelmed by talent! Last week a passionate  blogger and mental health advocate Sheri de Grom asked me to join the Traveling blog. I felt so grateful and truly humbled. Sheri is doing a job of tremendous importance speaking for the people suffering from mental illness. Her blog is a powerful tool, my blog is only a little piece of love I have for my fellow human beings.

As I accepted the invitation, here are a few questions I am supposed to answer.

What I am working on at the moment?

I am planning to visit Saltee Islands, Co Wexford, for bird photography. Now I am doing some research for this trip. My next destination is Cliffs of Moher, also mostly for bird photography, and after that I am going to Dublin for street photography (Pride festival).

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, it must differ a bit because I write in a language which is not native to me. Common sense tells me to rather keep to photography than do any writings, but sometimes there are things I do want to tell about. . I write just about everything:) When I work I am thinking, and if it looks like a good thought to share, so I do. Sometimes I read about some place or person, and I like to go and see them by myself, take my own pictures and share. Usually I don’t have a detailed plan, because I love to surprise myself too:)

Why do I write what I do?

I feel good when I think that somebody smiles reading my blog, or sighs, or drops a tear, or gets inspired for doing something special. I must love humans, otherwise why would I pursue portrait photography:) I want them to be safe and comfortable, to understand and love humor, to be touched by beauty and amazed by new knowledge.

How does my writing process work?

I am a person who is amazed with things all the time, so it is easy for me to pick up a subject. I write what I see, what I know, what I care about. Most of the times I am smiling when I write:). Usually I do research and write a draft; then I take pictures, and then… I write all over again.

Here are some fellow bloggers who have accepted  my invitation.  I don’t know why I am so lucky to meet the most amazing people! Please visit their blogs. I know you will love what they do.

Incredibly talented Hattie Wilcox, ,   I am walking through her blog like through an enchanted forest. Every picture tells a story, every word of poetry takes me away.

Warm humor of Emily Grace  always makes my day. When I read her blog I do want to have a goat and chop the mustard… I want every day to be a National Agriculture Day. Today I stuck behind a tractor on my way home – had no bad feelings, seriously:)

Leyla Garza ,  her photographs will tell you what a young girl likes. She lost her lens cap you see, and since then she cannot stop taking pictures:)

Here are some pictures from last week. Hope your day is nice and peaceful.




woods mono

Photography tip of the day: photo editing is art itself.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!


    1. Oh thank you! A wolf!!!!! You know what? I am nominated for the traveling blog again, so I have to pick up another three people, and my first choice is you! Take it easy, my post is due only next Monday, yours a week after:) Thank you again!!!

  1. I sat next to a very entertaining fellow from Latvia on my way to Helsinki. I wish I had made the day trip across the water to Latvia during that trip, but I didn’t. And I may never be so near again! Also, I’ve noticed there are many talented Latvian artists on etsy.

    1. There are many talented artists everywhere, thanks God, humanity has a chance after all:) Next time you go to Helsinki take a tour through the Baltic states, won’t take you longer than three days to visit the capitals.

  2. Inese, your writing is absolutely as valuable as your images! So, I am very happy that you were compelled to write. I’m with Emily Grace, this post is well done. You write from the heart and it is the absolute, unadorned honesty you offer that so many of us crave!

    1. Hattie, thank you for your kind words! You have the same honesty in your works whatever you do. It is a genuine, effortless honesty of a very intelligent and gifted being. I look forward to your new images, poetry and music!

  3. Sheri is a wonderful person, words don’t describe her, you couldn’t have picked a better person to associate with!!

    1. It was my luck, Sheri followed my humble blog… Throughout my life I have been meeting amazing people. I have never lost my faith in humanity because of them.

    1. Thank you! The green in Ireland is different than anywhere else. You can see it by yourself when landing in Dublin airport say in February:)

  4. Inese, this is so lovely and well done! You are communicating very well in English! What is your first language?

    Thank you for your kind words about Beef and Sweet Tea – I’m all smiles. 🙂

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