Flight drama film by Robert Zemeckis, and my own dramas


Right now I am recovering from jetlag.

I love traveling and don’t mind airports; the airplanes are not my favorites, but they haven’t done me any harm so far, and it is enough to ask for. I have got two close calls though.

In 1979 I visited a friend who used to work on a tiny island north of the Arctic Circle. On my way home, very tired, I fell asleep without buckling up my safety belt. I woke up from a sharp pain in my leg, and when I opened my eyes I saw the cockpit door upside down. The airplane was spinning! I was in the first row, and I heard people behind me scream, and it was so surreal – that door, the screams and me flapping around ( I didn’t realize my leg stuck somehow between the seats, which perhaps saved my life).  I just remember the only thought that came into my mind : how high we are? I don’t know how long it all lasted, probably just a few seconds. The airplane straightened up and started to regain altitude. The crew members didn’t explain us anything about the incident, but when we landed in an hour the place was all lit by the fire trucks and ambulances flashing lights. Some passengers were injured.

Since then I read everything I find about the plane crashes and incidents in the air. That strange spinning of the aircraft during its nosediving has never left my mind. Perhaps I found my answers when watching the movie Flight by Robert Zemeckis. Great movie, by the way.

Another close call was an aborted take off. We were said that one of the doors was not locked properly. Well, to be precise, it was not even closed.

There are a few pictures from the airports. I love Chicago O’Hare for its artistic air.





Photography tip of the day: Posed photos are great; candid photos are stunning.

inesemj_photographyHave a wonderful weekend!



  1. OMG, what a true story! Do You remember the route, airline company and if possible a/c type? I just ask it, because I worked all my life for our National Airline called Finnair.

    Here is my story:

    About me.

    1. The plane was en route from Petrozavodsk to Riga, Latvia. I was asleep when all that started,and later scared and stressed out, but I can tell that it happened in the middle of the flight, and it means that the altitude was sufficient to fall and climb up again. The scariest part was that the aircraft was slowly spinning around at least two times during its fall before it started climbing. The company was Aeroflot, USSR, but I don’t remember the type of the vessel. Some Tupolev or Antonov, I guess. We were surrounded with the ambulances and fire trucks when landed, but received no explanation.

  2. Inese – We have a slightly different opinion of the Chicago O’Hara Airport. I’ve had so many over-night flight cancellations due to weather and cancelled flights, I avoid the airport at all cost. My longest stay was 6 days and I don’t care to repeat the experience. Back in the day, the Denver airport was just as bad. I can’t top your in-flight stories and hope I never experience anything like them.

    1. Sheri, I did have a cancellation in O’Hara, but not because of the weather. They provided me with a free hotel, and I had plenty of time to explore the city. I agree that Chicago weather is moody and one day I might get stuck too… Six days sounds like a nightmare… I take your comment as a warning, and I will book my winter flight through Delta, change in Atlanta. Thank you for reading and commenting!

        1. Oh if I had that choice. Always afraid of cancellations: not that I mind sitting in the airport…I just don’t want to miss a day I could spend with my family…

    1. Livonne, I was supposed to have another flight the same day, but dumped my ticket and took a train:). Took me a couple of years to fly again. What surprises me is that my body doesn’t protest against staying buckled up for 11 hours:) Scared forever lol

  3. Really great post, and I agree that candid photos are the “best” photos!

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