Photography: May 2003-2014

A challenge for the readers: Go through your photographs and choose one that was taken in May and has a story.

There are my pictures.

2003 the ring of kerry  May 2003. Waterville, The Ring of Kerry. Two friends and I went for a drive, and it was a very fun trip, great seafood and stunning scenery. Almost all my pictures from this trip are gone. My friends are gone too… It seems like it was a thousand years ago…

2004 lisdowney May 2004. Lisdowney, Co Kilkenny. The story behind this picture is so sad that I won’t write it. Not now.

2005 waterfordMay 2005. Waterford, Old bridge. I used to hike two hours every day, and very often I discovered something stunning. The middle part of this old bridge was dismounted, but it still looked magnificent. I took many pictures, and was about to get off the bridge when I heard voices beneath. It is a remote place, and I didn’t feel safe, plus it was actually prohibited to walk on the bridge… So I just sat there and waited. It came out that two guys were looking for a place to drink their beer and have a chat. When they settled, I sneaked off the bridge and quietly left. Got some adrenalin:)

2006 waterfordMay 2006. Waterford. Stoney Steps. This was my favorite place when living in Waterford, and I took a lot of pictures here. I got a hard drive crash in May 2006, it is why I have just a few pictures left from this months, mostly  streets and buildings.

2007 delicate archMay 2007. Moab, Delicate Arch. Thanks to my daughter and son-in-law I finally visited this beauty. Moab is a marvelous place, and I have hundreds of photographs, but if I have to choose one, let it be the Delicate Arch:)

2008 lake powellMay 2008. Lake Powell, AZ. Rainbow bridge. This was my daughter’s graduation trip. We traveled five days and covered a large area with the most beautiful scenery ever. Why I have chosen this particular picture? When we hiked to the Rainbow bridge my daughter made us stop and said that now she’s going to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. And she sang…

comeraghsMay 2009. Comeragh Mountains, Clonmel. This is my favorite spot. Every time I hike I stop here to have a lunch and rest my feet. There is actually a bog all around, but this place is unusually dry and quiet. I have discovered the shortest way how to get there, and I have never run into anybody on my path hidden in rhododendron growth (people usually struggle their way up to the Holy Cross).

filipMay 2010. I have many pictures taken that May, but I want to share this one of the most beautiful creature, Filip, my sweetheart whom I knew since he was as big as a pencil. Last time I saw him in Reptile Village, Co Kilkenny, but he might be already in Dublin Zoo.

infantMay 2011. That May my daughter gave  birth to a beautiful girl. Love my sunshine!

st patricks wellMay 2012. It was a very exciting month, my kids came over and we did some traveling together. In this picture my big girl is exploring the old church at St Patrick’s Well, Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

inistiogeMay 2013. Inistioge bridge, Co Kilkenny. This is a classic image. Everybody who has been to the Woodstock Gardens in Inistioge has this image. When you drive up the hill it is easy to see the spot even if nobody is parked there: all the grass is gone on this side of the road. It is the only sign, otherwise you can miss the spot easy, it is not marked. I looked forward to visiting the famous Monkey Puzzle alley, but unfortunately since my last visit in 2005 half of the trees had fallen, probably because of their old age…

 May 2014. Next week:)

Photography tip of the day: don’t be afraid to crop your pictures for different effects, but always retain your original.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!


  1. I saw today again your photographs. Everything of them are beautiful by this day I feel attracted to the old bridge and stoney steps of Waterford; the delicate arch in Moab, your big girl seeing in the window and the Inistioge bridge. In those photographs the trees, the architecture and the nature are frames to explore or glimpse rivers, textures, piece of cities or an expression =)

  2. I used to ride the stairs in Waterford on the bike, I was also biking near the ruins in Comeragh-beautiful…and Filip!! <3. good job!

    1. Thank you Lukasz! Is the old bridge still hanging? You might go there too:) And if you see Filip, give him a kiss! Thank you for commenting!

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