Saltee Island: lost in the ferns

This young European Shag was a juvenile when I saw him last year, almost in the same place, and here is his mama and his new brother or sister. I recognized him because of his distinctive shyness, in opposite to his mama who is bold and ill-tempered 🙂 I have never seen a puffin chick. Something to look […]

Saltee Island: meet the Gannets

Visiting the Gannet nesting site was so much fun. I didn’t get the picture I wanted, but I got something really cool, anyway. Sometimes Gannets bring in nesting materials – sea weeds, grass, any rubbish they can pick up in the water. This one had got a great catch! His lady wasn’t impressed though. Their body […]

Saltee Island: off to see the Puffins

It is the time of the year when I go to see the Puffins. I have written four blogs about Saltee Islands, and I don’t want to repeat myself writing about the birds and their biology again. If you love sea birds, you might be interested in reading the following links to my previous posts: […]

Saltee Islands – treasure bigger than money -part 2

(Click on the photographs to enlarge them) First three hours were gone in a blink. It is the magic of Puffins.  I was on my way to the Cat Cliff on the Southern end of the island – the land of the Northern Gannets. Great Saltee island ascends from 3-5m high shore on the mainland side to 20-30m […]

Saltee Islands – treasure bigger than money -part 1

“All people young and old, are welcome to come, see and enjoy the islands, and leave them as they found them for the unborn generations to come see and enjoy.”      –  Michael the First Even after I shared two posts on my Saltee experiences I still have a lot to say. I love this […]