‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen


An exclusive reblog! The famous journeymen Simon and Benjamin found a job in Co Cork, and here is their story I got a permission to share, and many photographs of them and their work. I am so very happy! Please visit and follow the Roaring Water Journal for more stories from Ireland.

‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

I am always happy to find longstanding customs and traditions still going strong, especially when they are as relevant today as they have been over countless generations. This summer we chanced upo… Continue reading on Roaring Water Journal 

Source: ‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

Reference to my blog: https://inesemjphotography.com/2016/07/02/journeymen-in-ireland-and-much-more/


  1. I admire the way they learn their trade and how humble the Journeymen are. I went over and now follow these two.
    Inese, you show how warm and caring you are towards people you meet along your own personal journey through life. Hugs, Robin xo

    1. Thank you Robin! The blogger emailed me and asked permission to use my photograph of Simon and Benjamin, it is how I learned that they got a job in Co Cork. I was so delighted! 🙂

  2. Very cool Inese ~ thank you for the update, and it is exciting to hear about the successes of talented people, and their passion for what they do.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I was so excited when I got an email from that blogger. He found my picture in google and realised that those were the same journeymen he met in person 🙂 What a small world!

    1. Thank you Patricia! No contact. They have no cellphones… I just hope they come across another blogger, which is obviously a part of their luck 🙂

  3. And the saga continues! It’s important that traditions are kept alive, and the journeymen help foster the Irish heritage. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that they’re both so cute, too. 😀 Thanks for the update, dear Inese!

    1. Oh Rose, I was so delighted to learn about their success. Notice the amount of bloggers around as the only two journeymen stumble upon them on a regular basis 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! When I wrote about them in July I never dreamed of hearing from them again, but the world is so small, and they met another blogger 🙂 The story grows bigger, and I hope to find out more about their travels, and may be post an interview some day 🙂

  4. YAY!!! Are you near them? Can you kiss them for me? Well…. YAY!!!
    PS Ty for visiting my Art Gowns blog. When one only posts twice or thrice a year…. one may be forgotten.
    BUT not the Journeymen! TY to you & their music.
    My apologies if I sound like an idiot, but is there a Youtube or OT link?

    1. Resa, unfortunately they left Cork even before the Gate opening party, and no one knows where they are now. I just hope that they come across another blogger, which is not unlikely since it is exactly what they are doing so far – bumping into the bloggers 🙂
      I will ask about videos, but I don’t think they took any. The lads themselves definitely didn’t take any videos. They don’t have any gadgets on them, even no cell phones.

  5. What an amazing story. To know that tradition is still alive in this world warms my heart!! I wish these two young all the very best. Extremely talented the both are. Just loved this story about them. Thank you so much for publishing it!! ❤

  6. A great follow up, and it must have tickled you to see what they did next, after you left them. My favorite part was to hear that they were not at the launch party of the ornate gate, but already long gone, continuing their travels.

  7. I love the story the first time you posted it
    And I’m glad to see they are progressing
    I love the gate they did
    I always wondered if I was given that option
    What would of been different for me
    Great post
    As always Sheldon

    1. Thank you so much, Sheldon. This way of professional growth has been tested through many centuries. I am so delighted that Simon and Benjamin got this kind of job – not ordinary but very artistic. May their journey be safe and delightful.

      1. It´s just so wonderful to see that these guys make their way (literally and metaphorically 😉 ). Wish there could be more posts about them, especially about their beautiful artwork, it´s just so inspiring! xxxxxx ❤

        1. I wonder if they are in Ireland. I think that they are back to the continent, or very close to leaving. They said they planned to stay in Ireland for about three months, and it makes October. So hope to hear from them again. Wish their journey is safe.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jet! I was over the moon when I got an email from this blogger who informed me that my story has a happy ending 🙂 Delighted for these two lads whom I left at the side of the road. Not only they found a job, but they also found another blogger to write about them. Aren’t they lucky 🙂

    1. Teagan, I couldn’t believe when a blogger contacted me and I learned that Simon and Benjamin not only stayed in Ireland over the summer, but made an artwork of a gate you see in this blog post. The world is so small! What are the odds of two journeymen meeting two bloggers in Ireland 🙂 Many hugs!

  8. I’m always intrigued when I see them. You don’t have any here in Dubai but I used to see them a lot in Switzerland when I lived there. They look like characters taken out of a Dickens novel…

    1. Thank you so much, Geetha! I met them and wrote about them, and now they met another blogger miles away from where I live, who wrote about them too. Such a small world!

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