Why do i love life?

I can answer this one straight away. I love life because it is all about feelings and emotions. There are so many beautiful things in life, physical and spiritual, but what would I know about them if I didn’t feel anything? There are many sad and cruel things in life, but what would I know about them if they left me indifferent?

Our feelings and emotions make things significant to us. Traditional newborn baby pictures isn’t just something every mother wants to have because everybody does.  She wants to celebrate her achievement. She wants to show off her baby to all the other mothers. She wants to keep these little feet with her after they grow and walk out to the big world one day.




Tip of the day: take pictures of your children when they play, eat, fight, help, try your shoes,  cut their hair etc. They won’t be always so cute …

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!